Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tip Tuesday: Know Your Wrap Finishes

Tip Tuesday is a regular feature on DrChopSuey Jams where the occasional tutorial, tip n' tricks, and hand/nail care are presented. This week's Tip Tuesday is on Wrap Finishes.

One of the biggest thing that I try to stress to people is that the different types of wraps need different amounts of heat times. I find that some people won't have luck with the wraps, after about an hour or two of wear they find that the wraps literally curl right off their nails. So we'll go over the whole nail prep process, including the cuticles, removal of oils, and even that drat invisible cuticle that plagues some people. But everything checks out. Then I ask about heat and pressure and sometimes we find out that they might be heating the wraps for TOO long. This is going to "melt" the adhesive right off the wrap! So be sure to check the guide below to ensure you are heating the wrap to the optimal amount of time. 

Let me know if something is plaguing you and we can try to figure out a way to optimize your prep, application or wear. You KNOW how I love to experiment! 

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