Monday, August 29, 2016

DrChopSuey Weekly Wrap Up


Last few days of Going Going Gone! 96+ wraps will be retiring on the 31st of August to make room for the new fall/winter wraps. Make sure you get your favorites before they are retired FOREVER! 

Just a sampling of the items set to be retired! 

USA Relief Wrap
For just this week Jamberry is releasing a fundraiser wrap for the US American Red Cross. With the flooding in Louisiana, wildfires in Washington and California, and so many other current devastating disasters, the Red Cross needs all the help they can get. This sparkle wrap (called USA Relief) is available from 8/23 until 8/31, and $3 from each wrap will go to the disaster relief efforts.

Climbing Jams Part Deux
This week I released a second post on my ongoing series on Climbing Jams - this one offered some insights I've gained on wraps providing a bit of protection to my nails while climbing. Follow the link to my blog post!

Reaching for the hold!
Jams I'm Rocking
I am still rocking my Sparkling Marsala from last week because it is just beautiful - but I've added Bird on Fire, a wrap that is set to retire and I'm so sad I only found it now! But that's okay because I totally bought another sheet this past weekend! Make sure you get your favorites (or ones you've been on the fence about) BEFORE they retire on Wednesday! 

Coming Next Week

New catalog will be released on September 1! Watch for it folks, there are some new beauties that I and I know you will want to get your hands (er nails) on! I can't WAIT to show you!!! Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 2 - Nail Protection

This is the second of a series of posts on Climbing Jams! The first post presented Jammin' Climbing Proof (!); this post will start to focus on some of the benefits I've found with my Jams.

In addition to the nice Jamicure, I find that the Jams actually provide a number of additional benefits, one benefit is that the Jamberry nail wraps actually seem to give some protection to my nails. 
No more splitting of nails since I've started using wraps!
In fact, they used to be called Jamberry Nail Shields! I find these suckers actually make my nails STRONGER and help keep my nails from bending back (ouch), snagging (ouch), and cracking (OUCH) to down to the nail bed - not just while climbing but anytime. 

Now this is NOT something that is promoted by the company. This is just something that I've started to observe while wearing the nail wraps and climbing. 

While climbing I find that I tend to scratch up my fingernails quite a bit, especially depending on the material being climbed - sort of like the image below:  
NOT my nails! An image of scraped up some random climber nails (citation:

With Jamberry nail wraps I've found my nails do NOT get as beaten up on those uber crimpy climbs. While this isn't an official statement from Jamberry, I do think the wraps help from me scraping off the top layer of my nails while I climb. Which makes perfect sense as they serve as a kind of protective coating for your natural nails. 

So next time you take a fall like this and scrape your nails along that hold... at least you know the Jamberry nail wraps are protecting your nails! 

Until next time... Climb and Jam On! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

Here is a rundown of all the fun from DrChopSuey Jams this week! 

Finding Dory
Disney Collection by Jamberry has launched new Finding Dory wraps. Check out the cuteness! While the Disney Collection by Jamberry isn't what I flock to first, even I have to admit, the collection is quite adorable.

The entire Finding Dory family of wraps
Maybe because I don't have any pint-sized humans running around my household (just my giant husband and myself) so I forget about these wraps. But these are fun and adorable wraps that full-grown and not-so-full-grown peeps can wear. I have purchased the Thumper wraps #becausebunny and they are very beautiful. And  tonight I'll be placing my order for My Squishy from the Dory collection!  
How GORGEOUS are these Thumper wraps!?!?!? 
Stylebox by Jamberry Changes
The previous week at JamCon2016 they announced upcoming changes to Stylebox by Jamberry, set for this fall 2016. I'm SO FREAKIN' Excited! Check out all the details about the changes on my previous blog post

And don't forget about my offer. If you sign up for the new Stylebox Subscription with me you will get a choice of a FREE WRAP (yes WHOLE SHEET!) from the new Fall/Winter catalog from me!! 

Related to the Stylebox announcements I ran a fun poll on my DrChopSuey Jams VIP facebook page. If you just participated in the poll you were entered into the drawing for a 1/2 sheet of any regular wrap! Wait, you're not on my VIP list?! Why not?! Direct message me to find out how you can be on the VIP list to get all of the sneak peeks and special promotions. :) 
Screenshot of the Stylebox poll on my VIP page - if you participated you were entered in a
drawing for a 1/2 sheet of wraps!
And this evening I went live to announce the winner - Congrats to VIP Megan!
And a big, huge thank you to all my VIPs who participated!
Last day for GfG
Today, Sunday, August 21st is the LAST day for the Go for Gold, Olympic wraps! Make sure to get the wraps tonight before they go away. And not to be outdone, there was a post from Vermont's Burlington County Times about the nail art phenom that happens to be gracing many of the amazing athletes this Rio 2016 Olympics. 
VIP Ellen is getting so much promotion with her Aim High nailfie - thank you Ellen!
Another sheet of this is going into my cart tonight.
I have to have these for cheering on my New England Patriots!
Jams I'm Rocking
As always, I have to show what Jamicure I'm rocking this week. Yesterday I spent the day at a Yoga Expo in the district, so of course I had to rock my Ohm wraps! Here I have Ohm layered over French White Tips and these paired PERFECTLY with Sparkling Marsala (a retiring wrap). And I love the sparkling Marsala so much - you know it, I've added it to my cart this evening! 

So I originally had Ohm layered over a nude colored polish (from Sally Hansen). Unfortunately the layering over polish didn't go so well. It lasted a few days but after a workout the wrap started to move around. I think the polish wasn't totally dry, and when I got hot and sweaty (TMI, I apologize) the wrap just shmeared around and didn't hold up. So I removed those wraps and polish and layered it over the white tip wraps.... sooooo much better! I know others have had success with layering wraps over polish or Jamberry lacquer. Maybe I'll try again over the Jam Lacquer but for now... I'm TOTALLY a wraps gal. 
Sorry for the nasty toe shot - this is right after climb (my fingernails also
looked like this after a lift).So much better when I layered
wrap over wrap rather than polish. 
Welcome Martha!!
Finally, I'd like to announce that we welcomed Martha to the Jamily! She has been interested in Jams for a while and I'm SOOO excited to have her on the team and part of my Jamily! We're going to have so much fun! 

If you'd also like to join my team please ping me! We are having (a little too much) fun with Jam products and services. The discounts and specials don't hurt either! hehehe. But just ping me if you'd like more info about becoming a Consultant or Hobbyist! I've LOVE to have you on my team! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Big Changes to Stylebox!

Last week JamCon2016 made a number of exciting announcements. There are a couple that I'm particularly excited for (but I can't publicize just yet) but one of those that I can tell you about are some changes coming to Stylebox

I have been on the fence about Stylebox - sure it was cool, you get to pick from one of three exclusive styles each month.  I love the idea of monthly subscription boxes but sadly this just wasn't enticing enough for me to sign up. BUT NOW! Whoo-hooo! I cannot wait to sign up for Stylebox! 
So - starting this Fall 2016: 
  • Stylebox will now be a month-to-month subscription with no upfront cost!!
  • Your box can be completely customized by YOU! You get to pick 2 of the 6 exclusive styles (this does not include catalog wraps - these are exclusives) offered each month for $25. 
  • AND
  • Now you can add up to 8 more wraps and 2 lacquers or gels (from the catalog) to your Stylebox with NO shipping charge!
    • And yes B3G1 applies to the additional wraps (not on the 2 Stylebox wraps).
  • If you don't like any of the styles in the preview, you can SKIP the month. 
  • And just as always, your Stylebox subscription comes with periodic free gifts and sneak previews at new products. 

If you sign up for the new Stylebox Subscription with me (fingers crossed it's in September) you will get a choice of a FREE WRAP (yes WHOLE SHEET!) from the new Fall/Winter catalog from me!! 

Great Idea that Stylebox
So really I was thinking that the Stylebox is actually excellent - right off the bat you get an awesome deal. You get two wraps for $25 (free shipping). Now you can add more stuff (if you were planning on buying that month anyways) and you can still get free shipping. 
And really, who doesn't want special Jams EVERY month?! I'm totally signing up starting for September - sign up with me (plus that free gift for you!!). It'll be fun!
As always, if you have questions (about Stylebox or any other Jam question) just ping me - I'm here to help you!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

Here's the wrap up for the past week! 

August Exclusives
There are so many August exclusives it's almost difficult to keep track! From Color Pop (gel), to wraps only available this month --- the link to my blog post describes all of the August 2016 exclusives! 
Color Pop: Pink Fizz
Sister's Style: Perennial Blue
Throwback Thursday
The last Throwback Thursday was announced this week and there are THREE! These beauties are only available until Monday, August 15, 2016 so be sure to snap these up quick! 
GGG Reminder
Going Going Gone is continuing to go strong. Don't forget these retiring wraps are only available until the end of the month! Still a little more time but once they sell out... they are GONE! 

Olympic Excitement
So much excitement with the Olympics this past week! The athletes are AMAZING! And as related to Jammin'... Corey Cogdell, one of the Olympic athletes Jamberry has been supporting, won a bronze medal in Women's Trap! I wasn't familiar with this sport and it was awesome to watch the highlights - she is really amazing! 

And I have a special blog post about how Jamberry is supporting women Olympic athletes. You can get the Go for Gold wraps until August 21st so get the wraps and support the athletes this week before the wraps go away!

This past week the 2016 Jamberry Conference took place at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Oh WOW! It looked like a LOT of fun. I followed and lived the conference vicariously through the Instagram and Twitter feeds (via #JamCon2016). And I was really impressed with the Jamberry community. Jamberry Independent Consultants have many (MANY) ways to stay connected and I was impressed (and excited) to learn all the up-to-date information from the conference via these channels. The new wraps, collaborating companies, TruShine gels, and JIC incentives were shared among the JICs. And we were able to ask questions and discuss in real time about these announcements. Although I'm very new to the company (1 month and a couple days!), I felt like one of the group and I found myself excited for the new products and services. I can't wait to share them with all of you in the coming months! 

Jams I'm Rocking
This week I'm rocking a fun summery Jamicure. I am wearing a Beach Days, the July Sister's Style exclusive paired with Fierce Fuchsia as an accent. Boe Bear had some weird obsession with licking my hands right when I tried to capture my pics! He's so odd! 

 I'm really loving this Jamicure... its cool looking (I've had SOOO many complements this week!) but still nice enough for work. Totally going to rock the black suits with pops of pink all week! 
These held up (actually, still holding up!) really well. I had to do a little gentle filing with the glass file after a hard climbing session. But that's to be expected after a 4 HOUR climbing session! Fun and exhausting but clearly my jami held up! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

August Exclusives

So you all know about GGG this month. But did you know there are a number of other things going on that are only available for THIS month of August 2016?!

Here's the dilly-o on all the things that we need to get before the end of the month when they are all gone!

August Color Pop
Each month Jamberry highlights a trending nail color in lacquer or gel for the Color Pop Collection. The Color Pop products are exclusives and are available only while supplies last. This month it is Pink Fiz Gel Enamel that is used with the Jamberry TruShine System. So you must also use the LED Curing Lamp, Base Coat and Top Coat. But check out this color! I pops! I just ordered mine and CANNOT wait to try it under a matching wrap for that little Pop of Color!!

August Sister's Style
Each month a new Sister's Style wrap is released - this month's wrap is adorable. It's available until the end of the month!

I blogged (or maybe it was on Instagram) where I confessed that I was not excited about this particular wrap - it's just not "Suzy." But when I tried it on my toes I found it quite cute! The only way to get this wrap is to host a qualifying party in August. If you LOVE this wrap and you get it for free(!), ping me. We can make it happen!! 

Go For Gold
While this isn't special for just August, it will be ENDING next week! Get these beauties before they go away on August 21st! See my previous blog post on Supporting Women Olympic athletes! 

So yeah, get these things before the end of the month! Let me know if you have any questions! Rock and Jam on peeps! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Supporting Women Athletes

You may have seen a post from DrChopSuey Jam Fan Ellen  and me last week showing our US Olympic pride. We were both sporting our Jamberry Go For the Gold nail wraps!
Ellen sporting Aim High
I have Seeing Stars on as tips

So these are extra special wraps - for each wrap sold, Jamberry donates $3.50 to female Olympic athletes. This goes directly to supporting training, living expenses and travel for the athletes. This is important as women athletes tend to receive fewer sponsorships than men. For more information about the athletes being supported see the Go For the Gold page!

Another bonus... don't forget I donate my profits to the NIH Children's Inn. So you will be supporting women Olympic athletes AND children and biomedical research with these wraps. Double the hearts for everyone.

Want to support these amazing women? You can get these wraps until August 21st!

And you don't have to only wear these wraps right now during the Olympic games. I am going to use my Seeing Stars for Independence Day celebrations AND for future Patriot games! Check this... Seeing Stars AND Footballs on Clear, I canNOT wait to have fun doing different combinations of this come football season! 

Hit me up with any questions! Cheers!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

Here's a wrap of of the week of DrChopSuey Jam fun!  

Twice a year Jamberry launches a new catalog with a ton of new wraps. But the month before this happens they retire a bunch of (our favorite!) wraps to make make room for the new inventory. Right now 96 different wraps are set to be retired at the end of August and they are indicating that it's basically first come first served. That's right, once they run out they won't print any more! I was going to do a big 'ole party for the VIPs at the end of the month, but I was afraid our favorites would run out -- so I'm doing a bulk order THIS weekend! Of course you can order anytime this month, but let me know if you want to be included in the weekend bulk order! 

These are some of my favs retiring wraps! Yep... I'm stocking up! Top left to right: Word to the Wise, Tinted Classics, Bon Voyage, Bottom left to right: Fowl Play, Obsessed, and my fav Sparkling Marsala (I miiiight have ordered 3 or 4 of that wrap alone....). 

Throwback Thursday
The Throwback Thursday this week highlights two highly graphic and cool wraps - check them out and get them before they goes away on Monday, August 8th!!

Blog post on my Stylin' Trippin' Jams
This week I made a confession and blogged about my love-hate relationship with Trippin. I had previously put Pixie and En Pointe on my nails only to have En Pointe make me look like I had jaundence, so I switched out and fell madly in love with Trippin. Technically I had more than a week with Trippin' on (over 2 weeks with Pixie!!) and the metallic wraps fell to the pressure of climbing. I had some peeling going on with the Trippin'. Again, I had over a week with the wraps. But clearly the sparkle Pixie could take more climbing insult than Trippin. Ah well. I still love (and bought more) of that Trippin' wrap because it's beautiful! 

Jams I'm Rockin'
Look at these beauties! This week I'm rockin' Seeing Stars, a Jamberry nail wrap exclusive for the Olympics. Be sure to check out my blog post this coming Tuesday on these awesome wraps - all of the Jamberry Go for the Gold nail wraps help to support female Olympic athletes! Get your own Go for the Gold wraps and support Team USA

Last but not least - This week I was able to send my first donation to the NIH Children's Inn. This is 'My Why' - why I'm a Jamberry Independent Consultant. Because of this venture I'm (and YOUR support) I'm able to send financial donations to help children and families participating in (and depending on) current biomedical research. To learn more about my first donation (THANK YOU to my DrChopSuey Jam VIPs!) check out my blog post from earlier this week

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holy Guacamole - THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU for your support in DrChopSuey Jams! I have been a Jamberry Independent Consultant for less than a month and I have already have my first $100 donation to the NIH Children's Inn!! THANK YOU goes to my VIPs, Party Hostess, and my JaMama! 

As I've mentioned before, the NIH Children's Inn is a private, non-profit residence for children and families participating in pediatric research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Children and their families seek treatment at NIH, often as their last, best hope for a healthy future through the promise of clinical research. These young patients are facing medical challenges that range from cancer and blood disorders to metabolic conditions and illnesses that lack successful therapies and are often researched and treated only at NIH. The Inn's partnership with NIH makes it possible for these critically ill children to receive much-needed treatment while also helping to advance scientific and medical discoveries. 

I became a Jamberry Independent Consultant to promote a product that I actually really like and enjoy wearing, but mostly as a way for me to be able to financially give back. With your support you are supporting me and my journey, and most importantly, you are supporting journey to continue for so many others. Thank YOU so, so, so much! 

Check out the DrChopSuey Jams blog for more information (or feel free to message me with questions!). And if you'd like to purchase and support this venture, go to 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Styln' but not Climbin' with Trippin'

So you guys know how I like to keep it real, always 100%... well here you can see my metallic Trippin' wraps didn't hold up to a hard climbing session. #sadface 
Rips and tears on the metallic Trippin'

But check how my sparkles are STILL holding up. These sparkles (Pixie) have been on for (more than) 12 days (I've sort of lost count)! The Trippin' have been on for 6 days and I've done lifting, spinning and yoga session, washed two dogs.... and you know, lived life in these. SO really these things HAVE held up. And I really love these Trippin' wraps,  they give some color and personality without going over the top. And I think if you pair them with any sparkle, shiny or metallic wrap or lacquer,  they will take on that hue and match and coordinate beautify. 
Images from the past two weeks, Pixie with En Pointe, then Trippin'
So the issue could be one of three things: 
1 - Could be my sloppy application. 
2 - I HAVE had these babies on for almost a week. Funny, if my polish last 48hrs I'm excited, if my Jams don't last at least 8 days I'm disappointed- clearly I have different (high) standards for the quality of these things. 
3 - Or maybe the metallic wraps don't take to climbing as well as the sparkle and gloss wraps. 

I guess I'll keep experimenting and keep you all posted! Yay... I get to try ALL THE WRAPS (I'll be sure to tell the hubs I HAVE to do this for all of you... it's research for my VIPs).  ;) 

Apparently it's not just my Jams that are Trippin'!