Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Jams to Jam About!

TODAY, September 1 marks the launch of the NEW Fall/Winter 2016 Jamberry Catalog!

There are so many beautiful new wraps. I am going to try (TRY) to not bombard you, but really it was so difficult to just pick a few as there are so many nice ones! FYI -- I'll try to update all of the captioned pics with direct links to the wraps shown - I wrote this blog post ahead of time (even BEFORE the wraps were pushed to the public) because I wanted all of you lovelies to see the new goods!! So here is just a small, small sample of the new goodness: 
Ascent from the new Bold & Modern collection
Rattan from the new Simple & Classic collection
She's Lovely from the new Chic & Romantic collection
And one more because I'm in LOVE with this wrap: 
Cosmos from the new Bold & Modern collection
All my purple lovers need to be sure to check the new catalog... SO MANY new purple wraps! 
Grapevine - and she's using my new favorite tool, the Jamberry Glass Nail File!
And have no fear - the new fun stuff isn't limited to just the wraps. We also have new TruShine gels and Lacquers! Squeee!
Loving TruShine - check out the sparkle in that Tutus & Tiaras!
And even though I'm not a lacquer gal, many of you are -- check out the new FALL colors! Swoon!
As always we have our awesome B3G1 deal. This isn't just on the new wraps but on good 'ole wraps that have stuck around since the last catalog. And don't forget it still includes the MARVEL presented by Jamberry and Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps!

And finally, do you want to take advantage of my Mystery Hostess Party? Check out the graphics below for all of the info. If you'd like to join the fun, ping me and I'll send you an invite! Who knows, you could be the lucky winner of all the Hostess Rewards!

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