Saturday, November 26, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams about Cyber Monday Deals!!

Another post so soon?!  

Well that's because we are having a super Cyber Monday sale and I'm actually in love with at least 2 of the exclusive wraps. So I had to show you all. :) 

Here's a great infographic of all the deals and specials: 

And a close up of those Cyber Monday Exclusives!

Lavender Garden is a Matte
Lavender Plaid is a Luster
Cyber Spin is a Clear

  • Siren Lacquer Your nails will definitely be setting off some alarms with this magenta sparkle lacquer.

  • Intergalactic Blue Gel Did you love our Cosmic Blue lacquer? Well this is practically the same thing only in gel!

  • FREE Exclusive Bracelet on orders over $75 after coupons and all other discounts are applied, but before tax is added.

AND don't forget about the FREE Exclusive Sparkle Wrap, Pink Pizzazz, with purchase of a Standard or Deluxe Holiday Gift Set

I told you... SO much stuff!!
Happy Cyber Monday!

Friday, November 25, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams about Black Friday!

If you were wondering about the Jamberry Black Friday deals - look no further! Here they are and they start TODAY, Friday, November 26th at 11am EST!

Here's the ENTIRE Black Friday deal in one spot! Some of the items will be available only while supplies last - so don't get caught waiting on something that might disappear! And ping me or hit me up here with ANY questions. There are MANY deals here for Black Friday so just ping me!

 I know many of you loved my summer jamicure with Beach Day. And I know a bunch of you missed it because it was a 1-month exclusive. Well here is your chance to get it - this weekend only (well, until supplies run out so act quick!). And check out the Sister Style Twist for Beach Days... pink and a dark raspberry red! You know I'm getting this one!

And here are some of the Sister Styles and Sister Styles Twist up close: 

So go check it out before they go away! And be sure to join my FB groups -- my business page always has the latest info on the current products and sales. And my VIP group gets the info a bit earlier AND they are privy to the occasional freebies/give aways! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 5 - Hand Care!

Okay, I have to admit, this post is NOT just for climbers. Sure climbers have that whole hand/nail obsession but during this time of the year we are ALL obsessed with hand and nail care. This is the season where the air is getting a little more crisp and cool, we are needing to constantly wash our hands, and things are getting drier. So this means our hands suffer. Finding the right hand care routine is really key. 

Jamberry also has a whole line for Hand Care including Buff, Nourish, and Quench. All are infused with biotin and help to keep skin soft and smooth. We even have a nice boxed set called Indulgence (LOVE this name) where you can get the 3 hand care products plus a bonus daily cleanse hand soap. Actually pretty good bang for your buck! And this WOULD make a really nice gift for the holidays, either for yourself or a loved one!

But you KNOW how I have to keep it 100 for you. While I love the soft scent and feel of Nourish and Quench, I actually cannot use these. Again, #climberproblems. I have to be careful because if I use too many lotions on my hands, I could soften or buff out my calluses! 

I found this out because I actually tried using Nourish on my hands for a while but I found it made my hands TOO soft. For a non-climber this is probably actually a good thing. But for a climber... this is BAD! For a climber, having the right amount of calluses is key to getting optimal grip. Calluses actually help to prohibit sore hands. So I found Nourish is great for hand care... for a normal person, but I cannot use it. #sadface 

So what do I use? I use a hand salve well known to many climbers called Giddy. While I wouldn't recommend this to all my knitting peeps (the gritty salve might get on your yarn - stick with Nourish!!), I would highly recommend it to anyone who does active sports (climbing, lifting, anything where you want to maintain some calluses).  But if you are not a (pansy) climber diva (pathetic really) like me, I highly recommend you to try the Jamberry hand care line. They are very, very nice. And as I've said, while I don't use the lotions, buffs and cleaners, I use the Jamberry Cuticle Oil at least 2 times (okay probably more like 3-4x) a day. I love that oil (have I mentioned that? Ha!) This company knows what they are doing when it comes to hand and nail care. 
I love my Giddy - I have like 4 different scents! 
I have a couple sample packets of Nourish hand cream to the first 5 people that request for it. Just message me (drchopsuey at or through my Facebook page

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November Exclusives

Hey! Wow --- been a little absent huh? If you are on my DrChopSuey Jams Facebook page, or on my VIP page, you know I've been away for a work trip combined with some personal leave time. (While I'm on it... if you are NOT on these pages... sign up! That's where you get all the most up-to-date info as well as specials and freebies!). Anywho... here's a QUICK run down of the November specials. 

Sister Style
This month Sister Style goes timeless with a gold-on-white design called 'Cloud Nine' which is perfectly suited for any holiday affair. 

Color Pop
The November Color Pop is called Bordeaux, a glamorous, yet strikingly shimmering, is all you've ever wanted in a holiday hue.
Please note that Color Pop exclusives are only available while supplies last (I'm ordering mine TODAY!). And the Bordeaux Gel Enamel must be used with Jamberry TruShine LED Curing Lamp, Base Coat, and Top Coat. I loooove this deep, dark, sparkly red. My only issue is deciding if I want one or two bottles!!

November Hostess Exclusive
This month's Hostess Exclusive is a very sweet looking turquoise wrap - very pretty and feminine. Want this wrap for free? Send me a message and we can set you up for an in-person or online party and we can try to get you a qualifying party so you can get that baby for free and additional products for free or discounted prices!! 

Order December StyleBox!
StyleBox by Jamberry is changing... and it's getting better! 

Now you can choose 2 wraps from any of the 6 exclusives... so you can mix and match between Classic, Trendy or Feminine. 

You can add up to 8 wraps from a pre-selected list (including the other exclusives for that month). Free Shipping and B3G1 offer applies!!

You can also add 2 gels or lacquers from the pre-selected list. And that's STILL with free shipping. 

And you have an unlimited number of skip months! 

Just make sure you make your configuration (or skip) for you box before the 25th of each month. 

Check out the December selections... I'm actually configuring my box to include all 6 of the exclusives! :)  But check out the December StyleBox bonus... you get a necklace!! 

Let me know if you have any questions about the new StyleBox! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 4 - Focused on Nail Care

Climbers are OBSESSED with their hands and nails. OBSESSED. Nothing destroys a climbing session like having an in-grown toe nail, split nail, or a huge ripped open flapper. This is the third (Climbing Proof, Nail Protection) of a series of posts on Climbing Jams!

As I mentioned in the last Climbing Jams post, I've found that in addition to the nice Jamicure, I find that the Jams actually provide a number of additional benefits. In addition to a bit of nail protection, and reminder to keep my nails short, my Jamicures keep me focused on nail care.

(Not related to climbing but...) A question I often get asked is, "Do Jamberry nail wraps damage your nails?" I can say that since I've started using Jamberry nail wraps my nails have been healthy, strong and happy! Here are a couple images of my naked nails after months of Jam wears:

You can see a little bit of my thumb nail has been peeled away near the top. 
Other than my thumbs, all nails are healthy and thriving!

Since I've started wearing Jamberry nail wraps, I've been even more focused on nail care! I have super sweaty hands (TMI, sorry) so I use a LOT of chalk when I climb. Even so, we climbers are pretty prone to dry and cracked skin around our finger nails just because of the chalk and rough conditions from climbing. With my Jams I find that if I make the effort to use my Jamberry Cuticle Oil morning and night I have much nicer nails, cuticles and nailbeds. Which has done WONDERS on my hands just overall. The worst is missing or suffering through a climbing sesh due to a hangnail or deep crack near the nailbed. OUCH! These dang Jamicures have really made me more aware of keeping my (now pretty!) climbing hands in check!
Jamberry Cuticle Oil pen (they also have it in a bottle)

The Jamberry cuticle oil comes in the form of a pen or bottle (linked above in the pic). Both are easy to use, the pen, you just click the end until the product saturates the brush tip, then you just swipe it around your cuticles. I tend to rub it in a bit thereafter. Or with the bottle you just open and swipe around your cuticles - easy peasy! It smells nice (a light sweet scent) and rubs in easily. Have I mentioned I love this stuff? 
Easy to apply - which means I have NO EXCUSES, nice cuticles and nails is easy with this stuff!
I hope you've found this post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about nail care (in regards to climbing or not), or any of the Jam products. I'm here to help! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

I was a little quiet this past week following the huge VIP Mystery Party and Lasik surgery. But even with things winding down and recoup (now) completed, I have a number of things to let you know about! 

October Exclusives! 
As always we have a number of items that are exclusive for only October. Here's a rundown of those exclusives: 

Sister Style
The Sister Style for this month goes old school classic with Retro Glam. I have to say, when I first saw these I was a bit UNDERwhelmed. But then I saw the model shot and WOW. These are beautiful! 

Color Pop
This months color pop, Clean Slate, is a beautiful lacquer that will give a nice accent or base to MANY Jamicures! 

October Hostess Exclusive
I couldn't wait to get one of these babies with my previous Hostess Reward winnings. I LOOOVE the color red and this month's Hostess Rewards do not disappoint. You can ONLY get these by hosting a qualified party... talk to me asap if you would like to get these babies into your collection and onto your nails!!

October StyleBox by Jamberry
I showed you lovelies the October StyleBox last week but I have to show it again because I love it. You have until October 15th to sign up for this box! 

Tip Tuesday: Climbing Jams 3
The third installment of my climbing jams blogs posts went up this past week. This one I went in-depth into the importance of filing my nails before an application and mid-week after climbing. Be sure to check out that post! 

New  Disney Collection by Jamberry!
A NEW collection is out --- this is the third installment with 19 new wraps from the Lion King, Pocahontas, Tinker Bell, and Cinderella! Check out all the Tinks ---- so pretty! And loving those Pocahontas wraps. There are even some new wraps for the kiddos! The Disney Collection by Jamberry are very popular (for good reason) so be sure to check out all the new styles! 

Jams I'm Rockin' 
Finally, this past week was National Coffee Day so I had to celebrate with a Jamicure featuring Latte Love! If I had been on top of things I would have ordered the Latte gel to accent - but I think the coffee bean wrap for accent and on my toes worked out quiet nicely! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 3 - Filing Keeps Me Climbing!

This is the third installment of a series of posts on Climbing Jams! The first post provided anecdotal proof of my success with Jamberry Nail Wraps. In the last Climbing Jams post, I've found that in addition to the nice Jamicure, I find that the Jams actually provide a number of additional benefits. Last time I discussed how the Jamberry nail wraps actually provide a bit of protection. Today I'll explain my little Jamicure and climbing secret! 
Super McShort Short!
We've all heard or seen someone with nails a bit too long and  there is that scraping sound on the plastic or rock holds. Ehhhh! So close to the sound of nails on the chalkboard. With my Jams I find that if I take 5 minutes or so after a climb (that night or the next day) to run a quick glass (smooth) file along the edge, this gets rid of any rough spots on my nails/Jams and keeps my nails short for my climbs. 
Jamberry Glass Nail Files - Keeps it Smooth :) 

This regular maintenance not only keeps my hands and nails in check from climbing, but also keeps my Jams looking GREAT for up to two weeks (even with multiple climbs)! People always ask how I can Rock my Jams for so long and this is my secret - I use a smooth file on my nails every couple of days -- usually after a climb or lifting session. 

You don't want your nails scraping and prohibiting you from grabbing that hand hold!

A neat little bonus I've found since I've started wearing Jams is that they actually help to prohibit over wearing down of my nails. When you do multi-day climbs, sometimes you get to the point where your nails wear down to the fleshy underneath; this will affect the ability to pull on fingerholds, pockets, slots, etc. as the fingers are just too tender. Then you have to cut back on what you are doing, and boo who wants to do that!? I find that since I've started wearing Jamberry nail wraps, I do keep 'em short, but the filing and checking, and the wraps themselves, help protect my nails from getting too worn out from climbing. Which is great because it just means I can get even more climbing in!

Next time I'll tell you a little more about my overall nail and hand care. But the regular smooth filing is def a huge benefit to my climbing and to my ability to Rock my Jams for so long. 

Until next time... Climb and Jam On!