Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap-up

With the NEW catalog release and a PERFECT weather weekend (which resulted in a LOT of hiking and rock climbing) the weekly wrap up is a little delayed. But here we go! 

New Catalog Launch
Last week we said goodbye to 96 wraps that went into retirement but HELLO to a lot of new beauties! Thursday, September 1 marked the launch of the new Fall/Winter 2016 Catalog!  I wrote up a blog post that showcased a couple of changes and new wraps. Be sure to check out the new categories (Bold & Modern, Simple & Classic, Chic & Romantic)! 

Mystery Hostess Party
To introduce the new catalog I'm holding my first every Mystery Hostess party - this is where you can earn points to have a chance to win all of the Hostess Rewards for the party! This morning I checked and we've already hit the $100 mark - which means that someone will win a free wrap. But the next level kicks it up a notch, at $150 a lucky winner will receive: the free sheet of wraps PLUS, $15 product credit, 1 item at ½ off AND 10% discount on her order. And it only goes up from there... check out the graphic for more info on prizes as the party level increases.

Want a chance to win the Hostess Rewards? Oh, and there will be many winners as I'll be giving away OTHER prizes as well! Message me if you'd like to join the My Mystery Hostess party - just by joining you get one entry! Here are more ways you can earn entry points!

July-August Collage
Check out the Nailfie collage below! This is a collage of all the DrChopSuey Jam VIPs who sent me a nailfie in July and August. One lucky VIP member (Paige!) received a surprise gift just for submitting a nailfie. 

I'm starting to collect nailfies for the Q4 DrChopSuey Jams VIP Nailfie Collage. Just send me your nailfie (if you can, include the wrap, lacquer or gel name) and you'll be entered! You can submit via my DrChopSuey Jams Facebook page, VIP page or email (or text - whatever!). This is a FUN way of sharing our Jamicures with each other... and of course... a fun way for me to give free stuff to you!!! 

Jams I'm Rockin'
This week I'm rockin' a layered look - and it makes me soooo happy! I'm wearing Butterfly Dream layered over Cosmic, which creates this magical, colorful, sparkly looking butterfly happiness. I used to wear my jamicures for 14+ days but since I've become a Jamberry Independent Consultant I've started wearing my Jams for ~7 days (just to show you lovelies ALL the Jams!). But I have to tell ya... I am loving this pairing so much that I think I'll keep it on for longer! 

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