Monday, September 26, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

You know how I do it... here's a wrap up of the week in DrChopSuey Jams-land! 

DrChopSuey Jams VIP Mystery Party
The big news of this past week was the completion of my VIP Mystery Party. We spent the past 3 weeks having fun on FB - scavenger hunts, I Spy, Jamicure nailfies, internet memes and so much more! The VIPs earned points by participating in games, asking questions, any Jam purchases.... and these points turned into entries for prizes! The grand prize was the Hostess Rewards from the party. What's that? Well that is when someone was randomly chosen to WIN ALL of the Hostess Rewards generated from the party! Our party hit $545!

The chart below shows the Hostess Rewards at the different levels... Check out what our lucky VIP won at the 500 level! 100 product credits, 5 half-off items, September-October-AND-November Hostess Exclusive wraps, 4 months of free shipping AND 30% off the rest of her order!

8 other VIPs also received prizes because I love giving things away to my VIPs. :)  Want to join the DrChopSuey Jams VIP group to have chances to win freebies and goodies in the future? Make sure you ping me to find out how to become a VIP (it's actually pretty easy... I just add you to the FB group!). Want a chance to party with your own friends and earn these rewards for yourself? Ping me and we can get a party going for you at anytime! 

Stylebox Delivery!
Stylebox by Jamberry is our monthly subscription box. You can take the style quiz to find out your preferred style - Trendy, Feminine or Classic. But don't worry, you can change your style each month! It's really fun because you can get these exclusive wraps each month (yep, these are ONLY available via StyleBox) and of course Jamberry occasionally adds additional goodies to boxes! Well I finally signed up and I couldn't wait to get my first Stylebox. Earlier in the week I saw a TON of people posting September StyleBox pics on Instagram... I was starting to feel left out! September was tough to decide because I really loved all three choices: 
September 2016 Stylebox options
 Which did I get? I actually went LIVE on the DrChopSuey Jams VIP Facebook group to open and share my Stylebox! 

FB Go LIVE reveal of my September Stylebox!

So which did I get... It was a tough decision but I got: 
I love the motivational card!
What can be better that these three beauties.... OCTOBER Stylebox! Sweaters, boots, football, and pumpkin spiced everything! As the air becomes crisp and the leaves start to fall, we can’t help but appreciate the little pleasures that come with a new season. This month’s “Fall Essentials” StyleBox is all about bringing you new go-with-everything basics so your nails can be as ready for the new season.  Take a look at these fall-themed wraps: 
October 2016 Stylebox options - Sign-up by October 15th!

If you are interested in subscribing to Stylebox and want October be sure to signup BEFORE October 15th! If you have any questions just ping me! 

Jams I'm Rockin' 
This week I'm rockin' my first Jamicure of the new catalog wraps - Here I have Vertical Garden paired with Tungsten Sparkle, and of course topped with TruShine gel. Isn't it sooo sweet?!?! 
Vertical Garden, Tungsten Sparkle, TruShine Top Coat
About mid-way through the week I ended up picking off the thumb wraps (I KNOW, I tell you not to because you will ruin your nails by ripping the top layer off... not good). But it was a nervous tick I did this week. Anyways... my Jamicure was still going strong through the weekend so I ended up just slicking on some TruShine Pink Fizz (the August Color Pop exclusive gel) and I'm loving the two accent nails!
Pink Fizz - The August Color Pop Gel!
And last but not least I have to send a HUGE welcome hug out to Kristi who joined my team! She has been a long-time friend (we go back to cheerleading days in Middle School!). Kristi is a wonderful mom, sister and friend to many - she has a huge heart and I am beyond thrilled to work along-side her in her new Jam adventure. Congrats and so looking forward to jammin' with you Kristi!!
Welcome Kristi!!

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