Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Newbies & Exclusives

Every month the company has a number of new products that are available only for the month, or for a short time. Here are the exclusives for this month! 

Sister Style
Each month a new Sister's Style wrap is released - this month's wrap is adorable. It's available until the end of the month! This month's Sister Style is Sweet September, and it really is simple and sweet. And you guys know how much I love sparkles... wheee!!! 

How to Cook That x Jamberry
It's exciting to see that Jamberry and YouTube sensation An Reardon (How to Cook That) have come out with new wraps! These are available for a limited time and really you need to check these out. They are SUPER sweet. Apparently Ann will be wearing some of the designs on her upcoming shows so be sure to check it out! 

This one is my FAVORITE out of the group. 

And I love that they didn't forget wraps for the half-pints!

September Hostess Exclusive
The September Hostess Exclusive is only received when you host a qualifying party in the month of September. This month the Hostess Exclusive wrap is a funky modern wrap. It has TOTALLY grown on me! If you would like to own this wrap hit me up and we can get you set up for a party THIS month! 

September Color Pop
Each month Jamberry highlights a trending nail color in lacquer or gel for the Color Pop Collection. The Color Pop products are exclusives and are available only while supplies last. And that's just the thing... only while supplies last. Fortunately but unfortunately this month has ALREADY sold out! The September Color Pop, Showtime, a beautiful sparkly lacquer sold out on September 1. Looking forward to next month... hopefully we can jump on it before it sells out! 

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