Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 4 - Focused on Nail Care

Climbers are OBSESSED with their hands and nails. OBSESSED. Nothing destroys a climbing session like having an in-grown toe nail, split nail, or a huge ripped open flapper. This is the third (Climbing Proof, Nail Protection) of a series of posts on Climbing Jams!

As I mentioned in the last Climbing Jams post, I've found that in addition to the nice Jamicure, I find that the Jams actually provide a number of additional benefits. In addition to a bit of nail protection, and reminder to keep my nails short, my Jamicures keep me focused on nail care.

(Not related to climbing but...) A question I often get asked is, "Do Jamberry nail wraps damage your nails?" I can say that since I've started using Jamberry nail wraps my nails have been healthy, strong and happy! Here are a couple images of my naked nails after months of Jam wears:

You can see a little bit of my thumb nail has been peeled away near the top. 
Other than my thumbs, all nails are healthy and thriving!

Since I've started wearing Jamberry nail wraps, I've been even more focused on nail care! I have super sweaty hands (TMI, sorry) so I use a LOT of chalk when I climb. Even so, we climbers are pretty prone to dry and cracked skin around our finger nails just because of the chalk and rough conditions from climbing. With my Jams I find that if I make the effort to use my Jamberry Cuticle Oil morning and night I have much nicer nails, cuticles and nailbeds. Which has done WONDERS on my hands just overall. The worst is missing or suffering through a climbing sesh due to a hangnail or deep crack near the nailbed. OUCH! These dang Jamicures have really made me more aware of keeping my (now pretty!) climbing hands in check!
Jamberry Cuticle Oil pen (they also have it in a bottle)

The Jamberry cuticle oil comes in the form of a pen or bottle (linked above in the pic). Both are easy to use, the pen, you just click the end until the product saturates the brush tip, then you just swipe it around your cuticles. I tend to rub it in a bit thereafter. Or with the bottle you just open and swipe around your cuticles - easy peasy! It smells nice (a light sweet scent) and rubs in easily. Have I mentioned I love this stuff? 
Easy to apply - which means I have NO EXCUSES, nice cuticles and nails is easy with this stuff!
I hope you've found this post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about nail care (in regards to climbing or not), or any of the Jam products. I'm here to help! 

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