Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 5 - Hand Care!

Okay, I have to admit, this post is NOT just for climbers. Sure climbers have that whole hand/nail obsession but during this time of the year we are ALL obsessed with hand and nail care. This is the season where the air is getting a little more crisp and cool, we are needing to constantly wash our hands, and things are getting drier. So this means our hands suffer. Finding the right hand care routine is really key. 

Jamberry also has a whole line for Hand Care including Buff, Nourish, and Quench. All are infused with biotin and help to keep skin soft and smooth. We even have a nice boxed set called Indulgence (LOVE this name) where you can get the 3 hand care products plus a bonus daily cleanse hand soap. Actually pretty good bang for your buck! And this WOULD make a really nice gift for the holidays, either for yourself or a loved one!

But you KNOW how I have to keep it 100 for you. While I love the soft scent and feel of Nourish and Quench, I actually cannot use these. Again, #climberproblems. I have to be careful because if I use too many lotions on my hands, I could soften or buff out my calluses! 

I found this out because I actually tried using Nourish on my hands for a while but I found it made my hands TOO soft. For a non-climber this is probably actually a good thing. But for a climber... this is BAD! For a climber, having the right amount of calluses is key to getting optimal grip. Calluses actually help to prohibit sore hands. So I found Nourish is great for hand care... for a normal person, but I cannot use it. #sadface 

So what do I use? I use a hand salve well known to many climbers called Giddy. While I wouldn't recommend this to all my knitting peeps (the gritty salve might get on your yarn - stick with Nourish!!), I would highly recommend it to anyone who does active sports (climbing, lifting, anything where you want to maintain some calluses).  But if you are not a (pansy) climber diva (pathetic really) like me, I highly recommend you to try the Jamberry hand care line. They are very, very nice. And as I've said, while I don't use the lotions, buffs and cleaners, I use the Jamberry Cuticle Oil at least 2 times (okay probably more like 3-4x) a day. I love that oil (have I mentioned that? Ha!) This company knows what they are doing when it comes to hand and nail care. 
I love my Giddy - I have like 4 different scents! 
I have a couple sample packets of Nourish hand cream to the first 5 people that request for it. Just message me (drchopsuey at gmail.com) or through my Facebook page

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