Saturday, November 26, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams about Cyber Monday Deals!!

Another post so soon?!  

Well that's because we are having a super Cyber Monday sale and I'm actually in love with at least 2 of the exclusive wraps. So I had to show you all. :) 

Here's a great infographic of all the deals and specials: 

And a close up of those Cyber Monday Exclusives!

Lavender Garden is a Matte
Lavender Plaid is a Luster
Cyber Spin is a Clear

  • Siren Lacquer Your nails will definitely be setting off some alarms with this magenta sparkle lacquer.

  • Intergalactic Blue Gel Did you love our Cosmic Blue lacquer? Well this is practically the same thing only in gel!

  • FREE Exclusive Bracelet on orders over $75 after coupons and all other discounts are applied, but before tax is added.

AND don't forget about the FREE Exclusive Sparkle Wrap, Pink Pizzazz, with purchase of a Standard or Deluxe Holiday Gift Set

I told you... SO much stuff!!
Happy Cyber Monday!

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