Monday, July 25, 2016

Climbing Jams: Post 1 - Climbing Proof!

Climbers are OBSESSED with their hands and (toe and finger) nails. OBSESSED. Nothing destroys a climbing session like having an in-grown toe nail, split nail, or a huge ripped open flapper. This is the first of a series of posts on Climbing Jams! Today's post will focus on how Jamberry nail wraps have withstood the test, at least for this climbing gal!

As I've posted previously, these Jamberry wraps can take a number of climbing sessions! Just see my About Me section and you will see my previous whoas with nail polish and introduction into Jamberry. And most of all, you'll see my INTENSE experiment/trial with these Jamberry wraps - reposted here for your enjoyment:

Need more pics? I have MANY (I'm a little obsessed with doing a hard climbing sesh and having my husband take pics of my gnarly hands but perfect Jamicures!).
As you can see I have a lot of anecdotal evidence for the awesomeness of Jams during climbing. I would LOVE to have a couple other climbing gal pals provide some first hand (hehe) accounts of Climbing Jams.

I do mostly do top-rope indoor climbing with a little (easy bouldering) outdoors. So my experience outdoors on different types of rock is quite limited. If you are a female (or male!) rock climber that would like to test out Jamberry nail wraps on different types of climbing (outdoor, indoor - sport, trad, deep water, boulder, lead, top, whatever your flavor), hit me up on my request page and let me know you are a fellow climber and you are interested in experimenting with the wraps. I'd love to have a number of people testing these babies on all types of climbing styles and materials!

Until next time - Rock and Jam On!

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