Friday, July 29, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

SO much happened this week so I'm just going to jump right on the weekly wrap up: 

Jamberry-Land had a lot of fun this week because they were actually featured on the TODAY show! Okay so this was actually late last week. But I'm just getting to blogging about it now. :) 
Chrome nails are on point right now and they featured the Jamberry Metallic Chrome nail wraps (JFYI, they totally applied the wraps incorrectly!). I, and a couple DrChopSuey Jam Fans, jumped up and orders some of these Chrome wraps right away. But so did so many others!
It looks like (at the time of this post publication) the stock is back, so you are in the clear if you wanted to order some for yourself!

I also had a number of firsts this week. Including the first in a series of blog posts on Climbing Jams. I tried my first FB Go Live post for my DrChopSuey Jam VIPs! If you would like an invite to the VIP page please let me know. In the live video I showed the Hostess Exclusive wraps and let you know to hit me up sooner rather than later about scheduling a party... my schedule is filling up! And I launched my brand new Samples Request page! So now when you meet someone that wants to try Jamberry nail wraps, you have a place to direct them! 

As always I like to feature the Jamicure I'm Rockin' and it doesn't matter if I love or hate it. Well you guys know I'll always keep it 💯. Last week I was so excited for my Jamicure with En Pointe a pale, pastel beauty with a sparkling ballerina. After a couple of days I decided it looked horrible on me (skin tone whoas) and I had some wrinkles that just irked me. So I ripped off (just) En Pointe and kept it bare for a day. Then I found Trippin' and now I'm loving the look. Luckily there is a way to trade away half sheets of wraps because this beautiful pink wrap turned out to be a DONKEY for me! So if you ever have a donkey, let me know and we can find you a wrap that you love. 

Throwback Thursday this week was an exciting one. I love (LOVE) purple on nails and while this one is a bit darker than my norm, the bit of sparkle just spoke to me like whoa. And I'm actually intrigued by the clear wrap. I have so many cheap polishes that I cannot use (yay climbing) so I'm going to try to wear the clear wrap OVER the polish. It's going to be an experiment - can't wait to report to you the results! 

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