Friday, July 15, 2016

DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to my very first DrChopSuey Jams Weekly Wrap Up! This is where I'll consolidate all the Jammin' that has gone on all week. And wow, what a week it has been! We are finishing up Suzy's ROCK(climibing) Jams online party. Did you happen to see the mega haul I earned from that party? Of course now that I'm a consultant, please let me know if you would like to host a party and earn free and discounted Jamberry products. It was a LOT of fun, online (we all partied in our pj's) and LOOK at what I was able to buy, and for the price!
13 wraps, 3 hostess wraps (July, August, September), Application Kit, and Mini-Heater for less than $45! AND I still had enough for half-off my Jamberry Independent Consultant kit! 

 And here is a peak at the shipment going out to all of the party goers! 
I can't wait to get this to all of you!

I also opened up a Secret Santa promo through DrChopSuey Jams

Jamberry Fans, it's Christmas in July! Have $15 + tax and want to play? Here is how it works: You commit to purchasing one regular (not Premium) Jamberry nail wrap (FREE shipping!!). You'll send me your wishlist with your top 3 favorite wraps. I will send that list to your secret Santa. She will pick ONE wrap from that list for me to send to you. I will order everyone's wrap and send it to them along with some extra fun goodies! 

BONUS - If you bring a friend to play you will get a SPECIAL gift from Santa Suzy!! Bring two friends and... well, you get how it works. Let's play Secret Santa ladies!

As always, please msg me if you want to play or have questions! Let me know by Friday, July 22nd (I'll do a quick reminder on FB) if you and your friends want to play. Great way to mix-up your wrap selection (especially if you aren't sure which one you really want), or introduce a friend or two to Jamberry nail wraps! 
Join the Secret Santa fun!
Jamberry Throw back Thursday this week features retired Mint Green & Gold Stripe and Basketweave. If that’s not enough, they are both a metallic finish, sure to make you shimmer and shine. Only available until 11:59 p.m. MT on Monday, July 18! 
Get these retired wraps while you can!!

Lastly, the week started with the launch of DrChopSuey Jams! Watch for promos and giveaways (I love to give things away), and weekly tips and tricks for all things Jamberry, hand, and nail care. Climbers are OBSESSED with hand and nail care so I'm excited because I can finally have pretty nails while still maintaining my climbing hands! So this is a great opportunity for me to express the girly-girl side of me while continuing to maintain my active lifestyle. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! 

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