Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Samples Request Page - Now Live!

Have you been wanting to try Jamberry wraps? Or do you have family and friends that want to try Jamberry wraps? Well now you can request, or send people to request, for samples via my new Samples Request page! Just fill out the form and a sample will go out to you the very next day! 

Plus... I'm doing something special for you...

For those that request for a sample, go ahead and take the challenge -- the 7-Day DrChopSuey Jams Challenge! When you get your sample wrap, wear it (you can wear nail polish on your other nails or not), and after a couple of days of wear (3-7) snap a picture and send it to me (via email or post to DrChopSuey Jams Facebook page). I'll make a collage each month of all the nailfie entries and pick a lucky winner for a random drawing!

Your nailfie can be as simple or fancy as you'd like - join the fun!

And for those of you who are already DrChopSuey Jam Fans - don't worry I NEVER forget you. If you want to Spread the LOVE for  DrChopSuey Jams and direct people to my request page, AND they do the challenge and send me a nailfie, YOU will be entered into a drawing! Yes, free, fun stuff for you just by spreading the love! See the Promos page for all of the details. That's just my way of thanking you for supporting me!

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