Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How It All Started

Hi! I'm Suzy, also known as DrChopSuey. I'm a knitter, rock climber and librarian. The knitting and librarianating don't wreck my hands an nails. The rock climbing however....

A while back I posted this picture on my social media sites:

This was taken after a morning of indoor rock climbing, which I did a day after I had a rather pricey manicure done. Let's just say I was a little upset about the wasted money and time! And because I LOVE rock climbing, I figured I would just have gnarly climber hands for the rest of my life.

In comes my friend Nikki. She is a Jamberry Independent Consultant and asked me to try Jamberry nail wraps. Here's my collage following 2 weeks of wear:

After that I was sold. I LOVE this product and this company. So much so that I've decided to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant! This way I can keep climbing and rocking (see what I did there?!) beautiful nails, but also bring awesome products to you!

I'm looking forward to helping you! Please feel free to contact me if you need any help in choosing, applying, removing, or discussing Jamberry wraps or other nail products. Or if you'd like to chat about hosting a party or learn more about becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant, please find me on my social channels listed to the left of this blog post!  

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